Best Credit Card in Dubai, UAE. Apply For A Credit Card Online in UAE

Credit Cards in dubai is offered by all banks and financial institutions. Dubai Loans & Credit Cards has different terms and conditions depending on various factors, your salary being the most important factor. You can get Best credit cards in Dubai with a minimum salary of AED 5000.  However, as mentioned, when you Apply for Credit Card the banks may consider your application on other grounds that they deem fit as per their policies. Credit Cards with Zero Annual Fee, Credit Cards with Huge Reward Points, Interest Free Credit Cards, and arrange of options you get when you Apply for Credit Card through Gulf Finance.

Benefits  of Credit Card in UAE :

  • You can make a large purchase now & pay it off in small amounts overtime.
  • Carrying credit cards in UAE is more convenient (& safer) than carrying cash and it is also more widely accepted these days almost everywhere.
  • With responsible use you can build your credit which will be important later on.
  • Many credit cards give you rewards essentially giving you back 1% or more of the money you spend.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for a Credit Card in Dubai :

Minimum Salary requirement to Apply for a Credit Card in UAE is AED 5000. Any individual working in listed company or non listed company an apply for Credit Card in UAE.

Required documents to apply for a Credit Card in UAE :

  • Valid passport for UAE Nationals
  • Valid passport and valid UAE residence visa for expatriates
  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Last three months bank statement
  • Salary Certificate
  • Additional documents as per Bank & Financial institutions

Best Credit Card Offers in UAE

There are numeric banks to apply for a credit a credit card in UAE . Each bank offers different credit cards for based on usage or requirement. There are Traveler cards, Airline Cards, Cash Back Cards, Reward point Cards and lot. To know more about best credit cards in UAE please Click Here.