Credit Card is a credit facility provided by banks and financial institutions in UAE available to all residents (nationals and non-nationals). If used wisely, this can make managing finances in uncertain times very convenient. Every credit card comes with a credit limit based on the income of the user. The limit is decided as ‘n’ times your salary and this varies from bank to bank.

Banks keeps looking for credible customers. If your credit history is good and, you may receive offers from multiple other banks to get a credit card in Dubai from them. Sometimes, the proposal is lucrative and sounds so beneficial that we end up having  multiple credit cards in our wallets and later realize we do not need all of them. Also, it may be the case that you are no longer willing to keep any debt instrument. There could a number of other good reasons for cancelling a credit card. Regardless of the situation, you always have a choice to close your credit card in UAE.


  1. Paying off outstanding due, if any: Once you have decided that you want to get your credit card closed, first thing to do is pay off any remaining balance.
  1. Redeem Reward Points: Most of the credit cards now come with rewards on purchases. If you have been using the card, there are high chances of having reward points credited to your card. Use these earned points before closing your card and get some benefits.
  1. Cancel Auto Debit : By submitting a written application at the bank’s branch or using net banking, cancel any automatic debits and transfers that you may have set up to go towards your card.
  1. Read The Closing Procedure For Your Credit Card: By visiting your bank’s website or the by going through the documents received by you at the time of credit card issuance, read the procedure to understand if there is any particular requirement is to be met.
  1. Contact Your Bank: Once you have completed all of the above, contact your credit card issuer’s customer service and raise a credit card cancellation request. You can also submit a written request or an online request to apply for your credit card closure.
  1. Send a Letter To Your Bank: As an additional insurance, it is always good to write a short cancellation letter to the card issuer and request for a written confirmation of your card account closure. Keep this for your records as a precautionary measure to avoid any future conflict.
  1. Check Your Credit Report Post Cancellation: As it takes a month or few to for the closure to process and reflect in your credit report, to confirm about your credit card cancellation, try to check your credit report after a month or so. Make sure the count is marked as “Closed”
  1. Dispose of Your Credit Card: Once you are sure the procedures have been followed and confirmed that credit card has been closed (with all the proofs), now, dispose of your card in a way that no information is visible or recoverable by hackers.



It is a good practice to clear all your debts. Still, in case your debt is overdue and you are unable to make your credit card payment, you may opt for a settlement with bank. For this, you need to contact your bank and share your problem. If they consider your case for a settlement, you will receive an e mail confirmation for the offered amount (which is less than the actual due). You can make the payment and confirm it to the bank. In case of settlement, the bank will provide you a ‘No Dues Certificate’. Once you get that, make sure to check your credit report after a month or so. It should reflect as “Settled”. You can now dispose of your credit card.

In brief, it is always better to close your credit card if it is not required. Also, it is important to understand the right procedure to get your credit card closed/cancelled. If you think, just by cutting it down to two pieces will solve your problem; you are adding it up instead. That is not the right way. If ever you have to do this, make sure you abide by the ethical and correct steps to avoid hitting hard on your credit score.

Published by : Gulf Finance Team

Published on : 3rd June 2020

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