“Loans can help you in a big way to manage your financial needs. Provided you use it wisely”

  1. Expenses on necessities – We all have certain amount of spending fixed for every month. While planning to apply for a loan, always ensure that the amount you need to re-pay per month should not affect your necessary monthly spending. Plan your future expenses keeping in mind you would require to pay the installments and by adjusting the variable expenses that you incur.


  1. Plan your amount – Calculate and plan your loan amount wisely. Do not take more than what you actually need. ‘Loans’ are meant to ‘help’ you during emergencies and tough times, but you must know, how to bring this facility/service by banks & financial institutions, to your use. Unplanned applications might worsen your financial stability and also affect your credit score in future.


  1. Past credits & loans – If you already have installments running on credit card(s) or previous loans, make sure the payments were made in time and that your credit score is well maintained. A bad credit history and score reduces the chance of new loan approvals. To ensure this, you can activate the auto debit service of the bank where the installment amount automatically gets deducted from your account on the mentioned date, thus reducing the chances of default and missing out on payments.


Stuti Srivastava, Gulf Finance Team.


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